The power of a moodboard!


I assume that if you are here, you are taking pictures. Whether professional, hobby, or photos of your products or food, photos are photos.

I don’t know if you’re the type who needs to have an A to Z plan in place before taking pictures. Or maybe you prefer to act spontaneously when conditions are favorable. Both approaches have their strengths 🙂 I’ve always been the second type: some vision in my head, but planning anything seemed like a waste of time. And every time, but really every time, I regretted not devoting a little more space to planning. Because it turned out that by not planning, this precious time of mine was wasted. And this gave birth to frustration, because suddenly it turned out that I was missing something for the photos, and, worst of all, the final result strongly deviated from what I had imagined. Although sometimes in this and planning will not help 😀

Does your brain like quick solutions? Mine too! Therefore, let’s start with a moodboard to make your work easier.


  • By creating a moodboard, you can see what elements go together, what colors and styles work best together. This makes it easier to plan a harmonious session that is visually consistent.

  • It ensures that you always have something to come back to when you get caught up in…

  • Creating moodboards inspires and stimulates creativity! You’ll find that once you start looking for images that fit the style of your session, you’ll feel a surge of energy and desire to get things done. And the inspirations themselves can lead you in a new direction you hadn’t thought of before.

  • Saves time – by planning your session based on a moodboard, you can avoid unnecessary mistakes and experiments.

  • It helps you define the purpose of the session, and this is very important when you are working for a client.


We have prepared for you as many as 5 templates in different styles, which you will be able to customize in Canva.

Just click on the button below, which will redirect you directly to all the templates we have created in Canva.

How to use the template? 🤔

Canva is a very simple and intuitive tool that you can easily master if you haven’t dealt with it before.

  1. Decide on any of the templates.
  2. Add to Canva’s media library all the necessary images you collected during your research.
  3. Enter the session topic.
  4. Replace graphics.
  5. Choose a color palette (use the pipette trick).


How to quickly create a color palette from uploaded photos?

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