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We love the people who create!
It is for them that we created the MBackdrops brand.
Twórcy marki MBackdrops

Our story

Did you know that our brand was established in… Rome? It turned out that more than the Colosseum, the Pantheon and another plate of the best Italian pasta, we were more turned on by old walls, cracked tiles and colorful textures. It was from the Eternal City that we brought the first MBackdrops background designs!

We were the first to market backgrounds on rigid vinyl records. Our collections feature designs brought mainly from our travels, but also designs photographed by our talented Ambassadors.

At MBackdrops, we have managed to combine a sentiment for culinary photography, a love of travel and taking a camera with us wherever possible.

Today our backgrounds are used by hundreds of photographers, handicraftsmen and web developers.

Our team

MBackdrops forms a dream team: Magda and Michal – reportedly a married couple.

Magda – after a few years, she abandoned her food blog in favor of photography. She has been professionally involved in reportage and image photography of women for the past 3 years. She is the creative brain of the entire project, the originator , photographer and marketer all in one. First and foremost, however, she is mom to Kaj and Berry. He can’t sit still.

Michael – technical and logistics director, is responsible for all technological support of MBackdrops. Once with more, once with less enthusiasm, he carries out Magda’s crazy ideas. He can’t imagine a day without a decent shot of espresso.

They both love Portugal, which plays a significant role in the MBackdrops brand.

właściciele marki teł fotograficznych MBackdrops z aparatem

Our mission

We love the people who create! After all, we are them ourselves 🙂

As MBackdrops, we want to be a part of their creative journey – to inspire and encourage them by giving creatives a tool to work with that is quality, unique and has a real impact on their work.

We want Polish artists to have access to photographic backgrounds that are not inferior to those produced abroad. We know that backgrounds are only one of the elements that affect the effect of the work, so we develop to be able to fully support the creative process of our clients.

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