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About us MBackdrops

Who created MBackdrops?

I came up with the idea of releasing my own photographic backgrounds while strolling the Roman streets in the October sun. Colosseum? Pantheon? Campo dei Fiori? All worth seeing, but I was most interested in the textures on Roman buildings and walls. I was delighted with every crack and color.

What if I shared this piece of Italy with others who photograph like me? And that question was enough. This is how the idea for backgrounds straight from a journey was born, and then hand-painted backgrounds in the form of prints.

My name is Magda Rączka, I am a photographer and creator the MBackdrops, which aims to provide creative support for photographers. I love creating, but I also love people who create – it is a job that requires openness, curiosity and constant search for inspiration. I want MBackdrops to be part of your creative journey, to contribute to the joy of creating. The joy that we, as creators, cannot forget.

It become a truly family run business. Michał – my husband – helps by not only coding the ecommerce platform but also packing the orders. If there is a bit of confetti in your package, it is for sure a little surprise from Kajtek, our brave little companion 🙂

MBackdrops is also a unique opportunity for us to implement our vision of a creative life and run business in our own way.

Would you like to create a joint project with us? Email us at [email protected]!

Looking for more information about our backdrops? Check this page.

Best regards!
Magda & Michał

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