About the background

Are MBackdrops backgrounds hand-painted?

BASIC COLORS collection backgrounds are created from high quality photos of hand-painted backgrounds. All designs are created by us from scratch exclusively for MBackdrops. Such a design is prepared by us for printing at a friendly printing house specializing in eco-friendly printing on high-end equipment.

Backgrounds from other collections are usually reproductions of our chosen textures and surfaces found in various corners of the world. Unlike the BASIC COLORS collection, we mostly print them on smooth materials. We invite you to read the information on the collection page and individual products to find out what features the background has.

What kind of photography will MBackdrops backgrounds be useful for?

MBackdrops photo backgrounds were created with culinary and product photography in mind. Prepared patterns and carefully selected material and dimensions meet the requirements of this type of work. Which doesn’t stop you from using the backgrounds for other types of photography. Share with us how YOU are helped by our backgrounds on Instagram: @mbackdrops.co.uk.

What material are the backgrounds made of?

We currently offer two types of backgrounds.

Backgrounds from the BASIC COLORS collection are printed on canvas material. It is a light-impermeable material with ecological approvals, does not curl, and does not contain hazardous substances.

Backgrounds from other collections (e.g. PORTUGAL) are printed on foamed PVC boards. Such rigid backgrounds can be laid under the photographed composition as well as placed or hung at the back of the scene. It is also a fully light-impermeable material printed with UV technology.

We know that there is no perfect material, so for each successive collection we select the base material and printing technology to get the best possible final product.

How to take care of the background?

Each photographic background has different characteristics and requires some care 🙂
If you are using a BASIC COLOR canvas background then after each use, store it in the tube or keep it on a hard, flat surface.

For any background, do not put hot dishes on it. Remove dirt with a dampened cloth. Don’t rub or use cleansers either.
Remember – turmeric, beet, cherry or pomegranate juice can leave permanent marks. If you want to hang the background, it is best to use painter’s tape. If you use clips, don’t keep your background on them all day. Although the fabric used in the collection is coated with a durable coating, its base is a fabric that may be more prone to creasing.

About the store and orders

What does it mean that the store operates under a collection formula?

We love to create ourselves, just like you. That’s why we are constantly looking for new ways to inspire. New collections/series of backgrounds will appear in our store from time to time, and they will be sold for a limited time. What exactly does this mean for you? The sale of a given collection of backgrounds will last only a certain amount of time, and then the collection disappears from the store. Only the BASIC COLORS collection will be a permanent collection in the store.

Are returns possible?

Of course. We understand very well that despite our efforts to present our products to you as faithfully as possible, nothing can replace the opportunity to see and touch them live, the moment you first take them out of the tube.

We’ve done our best to make our backgrounds delightful, but if for some reason they don’t meet your expectations see the Returns and Complaints section below.

What is the completion date?

On the page of each product is listed a detailed lead time depending on the type of product and currently ongoing pre-sales. Implementation of the order – i.e. Printing backgrounds, preparing them for shipment and sending the package – begins with the posting of the payment.

What are the delivery options?

At this time, MBackdrops offers the following delivery options. Detailed pricing information is presented in the table below. These are prices for a single package, while one order can be shipped in several packages. More information next.

  1. Polish Post Office priority parcel (temporarily unavailable)
  2. Poczta Polska international registered letter
  3. Poczta Polska international parcel
  4. DPD courier

For customers from Krakow, we offer personal pickup at specific times during the week. Please contact us before placing an order.

What is two-sided printing?

Duplex printing is temporarily unavailable.

When placing an order, it is possible to choose double-sided printing. This option applies only to backgrounds printed on vinyl plates (rolled backgrounds are always one-sided) and is applicable when ordering at least two designs.

When you select this option, the ordered designs will be printed according to the ordered quantity using both sides of the vinyl plates. This reduces the number of discs used just as double-sided printing of documents in home printers reduces the number of sheets of paper needed.

Example: Jadwiga ordered 2 BASIC COLORS and 3 PVC backgrounds, when placing the order she selected the option of double-sided printing. As a result, her order will be as follows:

  • 2 separate BASIC COLORS backgrounds (roll-up backgrounds are always one-sided)
  • 1 vinyl plate printed on both sides with the first two designs from the order
  • 1 vinyl plate printed on one side with the third design from the order

Note: The order price does not change with double-sided printing. This is because the cost of the vinyl record itself is minimal compared to the cost of printing.

How does the pre-sale work?

Due to the nature of the store, where some products are available in limited-time collections, sometimes a pre-sale is conducted, during which the lead time is extended. All pre-sale orders are processed from the specific date indicated on the website. Therefore, before you place an order, make sure to find out if the collection is on pre-order and when the product will be shipped.

One order including both pre-sale backgrounds and backgrounds from the permanent collection will be shipped after the total is completed, i.e. After the pre-sale end date. If you want to get the backgrounds for the BASIC COLORS collection faster we ask you to place two orders. This makes it easier for us to handle logistics and monitor the status of your order.

Can backgrounds be ordered overseas?

Yes, we make shipments within Europe. Need us to ship backgrounds outside of Europe? Get in touch with us.

What are the payment methods?

We currently support the following payment methods:

  1. Fast online payments – Przelewy24
  2. PayPal transaction (additional commission of 3%)

How are backgrounds sent?

In the interest of safe, fast and as economical as possible delivery, we follow several rules for packing and shipping our backgrounds, which affect the final shipping price. Familiarize yourself with them here:

  • Canvas backgrounds (BASIC COLORS) are packaged in a tube.
  • PVC (rigid) backgrounds are packed in a cardboard box.
  • We pack a maximum of 3-4 backgrounds into one package (tube or cardboard box).
  • An order that simultaneously includes both types of backgrounds will be delivered in separate shipments. Separate parcels, even sent simultaneously, can reach the addressee on different days.
  • PVC background cartons can be combined into one shipment, tubes are always shipped separately.
  • Canvas backgrounds ordered by courier must be additionally packed in a cardboard box which increases the price.

Example: Jan ordered 5 BASIC COLORS backgrounds and 2 PVC backgrounds. As a result, we will send 3 packages to him:

  • 2 tubes with BASIC COLORS backgrounds
  • 1 carton with PVC backgrounds

Shipping price list

Canvas background 90x60cmCanvas background 120x90cmBackground on board 90x60cmCeramics
Polish Post Office priority parcel18 zł18 zł22 zł18 zł
DPD courier25 zł25 zł23 zł23 zł
Poczta Polska international registered letter35 zł
Poczta Polska international parcel60 zł60 zł60 zł
Price per single package, one order can be delivered in multiple packages.

Returns and complaints

You can always return any background within 14 days of receiving your order. Please write us an email to [email protected] with “return” in the title and your order number. The background must reach us within a week of informing us by email. In the email, we will give you the address to which you must send the background back. The cost of shipping the background is on the side of the purchaser. Remember that the background must arrive intact. Once we receive the returned background, we have 14 days to refund the cost. We will refund exactly the amount that was paid by the buyer at the time of ordering.

Did the background come damaged? You can advertise them. Please write us an email at [email protected] with the word “complaint” in the title and your order number. Also explain to us why you want to advertise them and include evidence of damage. From then on, we have 14 days to process the complaint. If your complaint is successful, we will refund you the cost of shipping and the product or offer to replace the background with a new one. The claimed background must be sent back to us, but at our expense.

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