Are your backdrops hand-painted?

The BASIC COLORS backdrops are printed based on a high-quality picture of a genuine painting by Magda. All designes are unique and created solely for the MBackdrops usage.

This high-quality pictures are then printed by our partner printing shop that specializes in ecologically friendly prints on high-end printers.

What type of photography they are meant for?

MBackdrops photography backgrounds were originally designed for professional food and product photography. Carefully selected materials and high-quality designs are mean to satisfy the needs of such usage. This doesn’t mean that they cannot be used for other type of photography. Share with us how our backdrops are helping You, please tag us on Instagram: @mbackdrops.art.

What is the base material?

Currently we offer one type of the base material, more will come in the future.

The BASIC COLORS collection is printed on a canvas-like cloth. It is opaque, environmentally friendly, non-curling and safe material. It is produced in Europe. You can learn more about it here.

How to take care of the backdrop?

Every photography backdrop has different characteristics and require certain level of care 🙂
When using our canvas-like BASIC COLOR background roll it back to the tube after each use. Alternatively keep it on flat surface.

Don’t put hot dishes on the surface. Remove dirt with soft, wet cloth. Don’t rub and don’t use detergents.

Remember – curcuma, beetroot, cherry or pomegranate juice can leave permanent stains. If you want to hang the backdrop, it’s best to use a tape. If you’re using clips, don’t keep the background on them all day. Although the material used in the collection is coated with a durable coating, it is based on a fabric that can be more prone to creases.

Shop & orders

Are refunds possible?

Of course they are. We understand very well that despite our best effort to present our products nothing can replace seeing them directly.

We did everything we could to make our backdrops delight you but if you are not fully satisfied please refer to our Refund and returns section below.

What is the shipping time?

All new backdrops are being produced on demand. As soon as the payment is confirmed we start the printing process that can take between 2-5 days. The overall time is specified on each product page. Once the product is dispatched it takes usually between 2-3 working days to arrive.

What are the delivery options?

We ship our backdrops with DPD courier services.

What countries do you ship?

We aim at shipping globally, but if you cannot find your country during checkout please contact us.

What are the payment methods?

Currently, we support Stripe Credit Card payments. If you cannot use it please contact us.

How do you pack the backdrops?

In order to ensure smooth delivery of our products we follow few simple rules. Since those rules can impact the final shipping price please check them out below:

  • Canvas-like backdrops are packed in tubes
  • We pack max. 3-4 backdrops per tube
  • If the number of ordered backdrops exceeds 3 we may need to split the shipment into multiple packages which will impact the total price

Refund and returns

You can return any backdrop from our shop within 14 days from delivery date. Write us an email at [email protected], title your message “Return” and provide us with your order number. We will respond with an address where to send it back. The backdrop needs to be sent to us within 7 days from informing us. The cost of delivery in this case is on the buyer end. Please remember that the product needs to return in original state. After receiving returned product we have 14 days to refund. We refund the exact amount that was paid in original order.

Did the backdrop arrived damaged? You can return it and get a new one. Write us an email at [email protected], title your message “return” and provide us with your order number. Explain why do you want to replace it and send us some photos of the damages. We have 14 days to respond to this reques. If approved we will offer you a full refund or a brand new backdrop produced and delivered free. We may ask you to return a damaged item to us, but we will cover the costs in this case.

You can learn more details in our Refund and Returns Policy.

Do you have questions? Ping us at [email protected] or use contact form.

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