Build creative confidence yourself! - workbook for developers.

  • Do you feel that you give up too quickly when implementing your ideas?
  • Don’t have the courage to tell the world about your plans?
  • Are you often affected by creative blocks and don’t know what to do about them?
  • Do you think of yourself as not being creative?

We won’t say it’s a good thing, but we have something for you! :) Here there are no magic solutions and clever tricks.

Instead, there’s building confidence in yourself, your skills, being attentive to your own needs and cultivating joy, delight and fun! And anything that can support you on your creative path.

We share with you our years of experience in creative work. Experiencing the fear of failure or judgment from others. And above all, we share the desire to live creatively!

What will you find inside?

  • exercises that will help you better understand how you function, what blockages and beliefs you are struggling with.
  • checklists that will tell you what you can do when you encounter difficulties in creating.
  • specific hints and directional signs that will help you come out of your closet, into which you hide your ideas.
  • content backed by own experience and wise books :)
  • inspiration to do things their own way.

Why does a brand of photographic backgrounds publish such a workbook?

Because it turns us on to blow in someone’s wings! We never wanted to be just a background store. We want to realistically support creative people who are also our customers!



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It’s a workbook of exercises for anyone who creates, but is still afraid to come out of their closet with it. For creators who are experiencing a crisis and can’t move forward. For creators who are constantly unsure of what they are doing. For those who need a kick-start to do their things with courage.

This is not a product for professionals, much less, just for photographers. You can create custom cakes, knit hats, or ceramic mugs. This is a workbook for people who want to live creatively.

This was our intention from the beginning – to accompany others on their creative path. Only now do we have the resources and capabilities to give back.

No, this is not a workbook about generating new ideas and creative problem solving.

It’s a product for working on one’s own creative blocks, discovering one’s superpowers and restoring one’s sense of agency.

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