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MBackdrops artistic photo backgrounds are high-quality prints of hand-painted backgrounds and photos of interesting textures, plasters and colors, brought mainly from travel. What at first glance may seem completely uninteresting, to a photographer can be incredibly fascinating. Beauty really is at your fingertips.

After six months of work and searching for the right material, contacts with distributors, manufacturers and printers, we managed to produce the first photographic backgrounds created on the basis of photos of backgrounds painted by me – this is the collection of BASIC COLORS. For each collection, we choose the right material to best reflect the character and atmosphere of our backgrounds.

We currently offer:

  • Backgrounds on canvas type material. This is a material that does not transmit light, has ecological approvals, does not curl, does not contain hazardous substances and is matte. With such a material, we get the effect of a hand-painted background on the print. We use latex printing on this material and print the Basic Colors collection on it.
  • backgrounds on 3 mm hard vinyl – the board is lightweight, rigid and makes travel background prints very realistic. We use UV printing on this material.

However, we do not close ourselves to one material – it is important for us to search and test new solutions, which we will adapt to the needs of our customers.

Who are our backgrounds for?
  • professional culinary and product photographers.
  • food bloggers.
  • Hobbyists who love photography.
  • businesses that sell their own products.

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