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MBackdrops Photo Backdrops are high-quality prints of hand-painted backgrounds and photos of interesting textures, plasters and colors, brought mainly from travels. What may seem completely uninteresting at first glance can be incredibly fascinating for a photographer. Beauty really is at your fingertips.

After six months of work and searching for the right material, contacts with distributors, producers and printing houses, we managed to produce the first photographic backgrounds created on the basis of photos of backgrounds painted by me – this is the BASIC COLORS collection. For each collection, we select the right material that will best reflect the nature and atmosphere of our backgrounds.

We currently offer backgrounds on a canvas material. It is a material that is impermeable to light, has ecological approvals, does not curl, does not contain hazardous substances and is matte. Thanks to this material, we obtain the effect of a hand-painted background on the printout. We use latex printing on this material and print the Basic Colors collection on it.

However, we do not limit ourselves to one material – it is important for us to search for and test new solutions that we will adapt to the needs of our clients.


It is printed on carefully sourced eco-friendly coated textile material. It is entirely produced in the EU, does not contain PVC or VOC. We selected it because it is:

  • non-reflective
  • anti-curling
  • opaque
  • durable
  • washable
  • water-resistant
  • GREENGUARD certificated

Our goal was to produce the highest quality backdrops that are convenient to use for both professional and amateur photographers. They quickly roll into the delivery tubes for easy storage. Then they quickly unroll without any curling. They have a matt finish to reduce reflections from natural and studio light. Their coated finish protects the print from scratches and dirt.


Although we think this is the best material for the usage and we picked it after months of research, it is not indestructible and not perfectly matt. When looking at a very low angle you can see some glossy reflections and when not treated with reasonable care it can crease. Also, more aggressive pigments from things like curcuma or beetroot can actually leave indelible stains. Indelicate scrubbing can wash the actual print.

All that said, with reasonable care, this backdrop can look great do its job for a long time and be an irreplaceable part of your photography equipment. We know that because we are doing this kind of photography for years now.

Do you have questions? Ping us at [email protected] or use contact form.

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